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National Holdings Case Study

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Case Studies

Mitel gets a hosted VoIP phone system up and running 48 hours after National Holding Corporation’s Manhattan office goes up in smoke

National Holdings

Customer-oriented financial firm would be at a standstill without phone services

National Holdings Corporation (NHC) is a fullservice investment banking and brokerage firm. During a fire, its phone system suffered extensive smoke damage and stopped working.

Install an operational phone system over the weekend

On a Friday evening, more than 120 firefighters responded to a fire on the 28th floor of a historic 41-story building in Manhattan. The two-alarm fire was contained by 6:45 p.m., but the 28th floor sustained heavy smoke and water damage. The building, which dates to 1915, is listed as a National Historic Landmark and was the largest in the world when it was completed. The 28th floor was occupied by National Holdings Corporation, a full-service investment banking and brokerage firm and a recent subscriber to Mitel Sky’s cloudbased, hosted VoIP solution. National Holdings had decided to convert its seven locations to the Mitel Sky system in succession. The New York location had not yet converted and was still operating with an older phone system on-site.

Extensive smoke damage brought the office’s voice communications to a screeching halt. Realizing that an operational phone system was essential, especially during this type of crisis, William Silliman, VP of Information Technology & Development for National Holdings, called Mitel right away.

Mitel coordinates efforts with partners to meet the deadline

Even though it was Friday night, after business hours, the Mitel team jumped into action and began steps necessary to get National Holdings’ New York location running on the Mitel Sky phone solution. This meant configuring the network infrastructure that was, fortunately, already in place, and working with a partner to procure and deliver 115 phones by noon on Monday. It was also necessary to forward the company’s current phone numbers to the Mitel Sky system. Mitel quickly supplied more than 100 forward target numbers and programmed them throughout Sunday and into Monday.

Despite what could have been a disaster, NHC experienced minimal disruption to business activity

By working with the existing carrier to forward the lines, Mitel made sure that National Holdings could receive inbound calls on the Mitel Sky phones at the new location with minimal disruption to business activity.

On Monday, Mitel staff members visited the location to make sure that everything was running smoothly. “Mitel has helped keep our NYC Office up and running during the darkest days we have experienced,” says Silliman.


William Silliman
VP of Information Technology & Development
National Holdings Corporation

The Mitel Sky cloud-based business phone system worked for NHC because it is not only hosted, but also managed and housed off-site in Mitel’s secure data centers. Mitel takes responsibility for owning, configuring, and managing the phones and the network, all of which offer business continuity in case of an unplanned event. Since Mitel Sky replaces both the phone system and the telco provider, clients have oneinvoice, one-button access to customer support and one vendor that is completely accountable for their experience.


To get National Holdings’ New York location running on the Mitel Sky phone solution by Monday morning after a Friday evening fire destroyed its existing system.


Mitel Sky cloud-based solution was implemented, 115 phones were delivered, and the current phone number was forwarded by noon on Monday.


  • 115 Mitel phones delivered in 48 hours
  • 100 phone numbers ported
  • Minimal disruption to business activity

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